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Damaged car suspension system can make your vehicle feel excessively bumpier than usual. The primary purpose of the suspension system is to absorb all the impacts caused by uneven roads and provide a comfortable journey.

Among the three main parts of a suspension: linkage, automotive springs and shock absorbers, the springs are most likely to get damaged. It is because the springs are partly exposed, making them more prone to rust and weathering.

Do not compromise your driving safety- and comfort and bring your vehicle to Autoplus Northampton Limited if you notice any of the following symptoms.

Decreased steering efficiency

A damaged suspension alters the car’s wheel alignment substantially, and because of that, it becomes tough to steer with precision.

Pull towards one side

Misalignment of the wheels also causes the vehicle to move towards one side when trying to drive straight.

Your vehicle sits on one side when parked

If the automotive spring is damaged, it will not hold the vehicle's weight evenly, and it will look lower on one side.

Squatting, diving and rolling

A compromised shock absorber Northampton can cause excessive difficulty whilst driving as it can no longer subside the impact caused due to uneven surfaces.

Oily shock absorber

It loses its capability to hold the oil and appears to be oilier than it is supposed to be.

Damaged suspension can become extremely troublesome, and for such situations, our garage for suspension repair Northampton is always there for your vehicle.

Causes of suspension damage

The most common causes of suspension damage are-

  • Rust – Suspension parts are mostly made of steel, making them prone to rust. Especially the springs, as it is partly exposed to the atmosphere, excessive humidity can oxidise it and accelerate the rusting process. This, in turn, makes these springs excessively susceptible to breakage and corrosion.
  • Bumps – They can break suspension springs if a car drives over them at a high speed.

  • Overloading – Like sustaining the impacts from a bumpy road, a car suspension system Northampton also holds the vehicle's load. Overloading it can put a lot of strain on it and potentially break its springs. However, the amount of load needs to be significantly high to cause breakage.
  • Age – Metal parts can weaken over time. Especially if they frequently undergo extreme stress.

If you come across any damaged suspension part, do not waste time searching for "car shock absorber repair near me". Come to Autoplus Northampton instead. We will have a good look at your suspension system and give you an accurate estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

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