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Are you looking for 2 x Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

If you are looking for a professional automotive service centre that conducts reliable 2X wheel alignment Northampton, consider visiting Autoplus Northampton Ltd.

We are one of the trusted workshops for vehicular services that offer efficient wheel alignment checks for all major car makes or models. We employ highly experienced technicians who use technologically advanced equipment to inspect the wheel angles of your vehicles and re-align them as required.

What is 2x wheel alignment?

Also known as front-end alignment, 2X wheel alignment involves adjusting only the front wheels. It includes re-aligning the camber, caster, and toe. 2X wheel alignment ensures the front wheels of your car can travel parallel to the vehicle centre.

So if you own a 2-wheel drive vehicle, come to our facility to opt for excellent 2X wheel alignment Northampton service.

What happens if wheel angles get misaligned?

Experts recommend opting for a 2X wheel alignment checks Northampton at regular intervals for a safer driving experience. You can bring your vehicle to our facility at the earliest upon noticing any of these symptoms:

  • Strange noise while taking turns
  • Off-centred steering
  • Juddering steering wheel
  • Uneven and rapid tyre wear

Ignoring these symptoms for an extended period can significantly hinder your safety and driving comfort. As a result, it may lead to hefty repair bills later.

What are the reasons behind wheel misalignment?

Factors commonly attributed to misaligned wheels include:

Worn-out parts

Do you drive an old car?

If yes, then its wheels might be misaligned. One of the prominent reasons for wheel misalignment is faulty wheel bearings. In addition, defective or broken suspension springs can also cause misaligned wheels.

Sudden impact

Sometimes, wheel misalignment might be caused by sudden impact, for instance, by driving through speed bumpers or on a pothole.

How do we perform 2X wheel alignment Northampton?

Our wheel alignment service includes checking the three wheel angles to identify discrepancies and restore them per their specified configuration. The three-wheel angles are:


The camber is the angle formed between the vertical axis of your car wheel and the vehicle itself.


The angle formed between the vertical axis of the wheel and the steering axis is called the caster angle.


The toe angle is between the vehicle wheels and the longitudinal axis. It refers to the inward or outward tilt of the car wheels when seen from above.

Once we find the discrepancies, we will restore the angles promptly.

Hence look no further for ‘2X wheel alignment near me’ and come to us. Book an online appointment with us today!

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