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RoadX Tyres

Focusing on three core aspects; quality products, dedicated engineering, and advanced customer support system, RoadX is a fantastic choice for everyday use. RoadX tyres are produced in technology-rich modern facilities under experienced tyre engineers supervision that guarantees nothing but high-end performance. RoadX manufactures tyres for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

If you are looking to buy RoadX car tyres Northampton, Autoplus Northampton Ltd has a wide range of RaodX car tyres at competitive prices.


Best-selling RoadX tyres Northampton

Below is a list of some of the RoadX car tyres we have available:

Summer tyres


RoadX summer tyres are manufactured with an advanced rubber compound that enhances stability and grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The unique tread pattern efficiently removes water from the tyre’s path reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Example- RXMOTION H11

Winter tyres

RoadX has optimised its winter variants to cope with the temperature drop and remain flexible in severe winter weather condition. With specially designed grooves and sipes, the winter tyres from RoadX deliver optimal traction and grip on snowy, icy and wet surfaces.



All-season tyres

Manufactured with an all-adaptive compound, RoadX all-season unit offers enhanced performance throughout the year. Its thick construction makes these variants durable and therefore a popular choice for less frequent drivers.



Performance tyres

RoadX has optimised its performance variants to deliver quick response, increased grip and the ability to cope with high speeds.


Example-RXMOTION U11

4x4 tyres


Featuring larger tread blocks and deeper tread grooves, RoadX 4x4 tyres can deliver optimal traction on snow, mud, and grass without choking the tread area.


We have an extensive collection of RoadX tyres available at Autoplus Northampton Ltd, for RoadX car tyres near me please call or visit us at our garage.


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