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Are you looking for Run flat Tyres for your vehicle?


Introduced to the general market in the mid-1980s, run-flat tyres have now garnered enormous popularity among car owners. Nowadays, car manufacturers are making these variants standard in most vehicle makes and models.

In case you’re looking for run-flat tyres Northampton, Autoplus Northampton is an ideal destination for you.

We’re renowned in this area for stocking a wide range of variants to fulfil the requirements of car owners with different budgets (premium, mid-range and budget brands). We can guarantee that all of our products are made available to you at the best prices only.

Moreover, keeping your convenience in mind, we also sell tyres online! Hence, feel free to book a set of RFTs online from us.

Brands available with us

You can find run-flat tyres manufactured by the following brands at our facility:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Firestone
  • Bridgestone
  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • RoadX
  • Churchill, etc.

What makes run-flat tyres Northampton special?

Run-flat variants are specially engineered products that allow you to continue driving your vehicle even if a tyre goes flat. Thus, it enables car owners to drive to the nearest garage and get the tyres replaced instead of getting stranded on an unknown road due to a puncture. Usually, one can drive up to a distance of 50 miles or 80 kms within a speed limit of 50 mph or 80 kmph.

Three types of Run-flat tyres

Self-sealing tyres:

These variants of run-flat tyres feature a lining inside. If the tyre goes flat due to needles, glass, etc., this layer stabilises the air pressure level and safeguards the tyre from further damage.

Auxiliary supported tyres:

These products are the most durable among the three variants. Auxiliary supported tyres are bullet-proof and are incredibly effective when it comes to preventing punctures.

Furthermore, these products come with an extra support ring that is sturdy enough to carry heavy loads even after a puncture.

Self-supporting tyres:

These variants are heavier than standard car tyres and come with firm sidewalls that provide internal support. Moreover, these tyres are known to prevent any potential damage to your car’s wheels.

Identifying a puncture in a run-flat tyre can be extremely challenging owing to the strengthened sidewalls. Thus, before choosing to buy run-flat tyres Northampton, it’s vital to make sure that your vehicle has a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) installed to identify a puncture and sudden pressure loss.

How to purchase run-flat tyres Northampton?

Interested car owners can drop by at our facility during business hours to buy a new set of run-flat variants and get them fully fitted to their vehicle.

Alternatively, they can make a purchase via our website. Explore the different options available in our stock and place an order from the comfort of your home.

As noted above, we stock a wide range of products in our inventory. So, be it premium or cheap tyres Northampton, you can turn to us.

Have you been searching for tyres near me? You can finally end your searches with us.

Visit Autoplus Northampton and fulfil all your car tyre requirements at an affordable price. Our facility is located at Unit 84 Bunting Rd, Northampton.

For more information, contact us on 01604 281 191.

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