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Sailun Tyres

Introduced to the tyre industry in 2002, Sailun tyres are renowned for their high-quality and durability. The popularity of this brand is growing with each day, which has enabled it to establish itself as a significant brand in the mid-range tyre industry.


Sailun invests nearly 30% of its resources into research and development; hence each of its tyres are a product of vigorous research. With advanced manufacturing and global distribution process, Sailun sells almost 30 million tyres a year in more than 50 countries worldwide.


If you are looking for Sailun car tyres Northampton, Autoplus Northampton Ltd is your ideal destination. We stock a wide range of Sailun tyres suitable for your vehicle.


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Best Sailun tyres Northampton

Summer tyre

  • Atrezzo ZSR: Ideal for passenger cars, Atzerro ZSR delivers optimal traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Winter tyre

  • Ice Blazer WST1: Widely trusted throughout the world, the ice Blazer WST1 offers an enhanced grip, stability and responsiveness in challenging winter weather conditions.

All-season tyre

  • Atrezzo 4 Seasons: The innovative rubber compound of this tyre ensures longer tyre life, making it suitable for both wet and dry surfaces as well. Atzerro 4Seasons is notable for its optimal dry handling performance, thanks to the robust square tread block pattern.

Performance tyre

  • Atrezzo SH-402: Atrezzo SH-402 is a performance tyre that is optimised to offer the highest level of grip and stability, especially at high speeds. This tyre is manufactured with a premium rubber compound that resists heat build-up.

4x4 tyre

  • HT Terramax: This tyre is the perfect choice for customers looking for a balanced on and off-road driving experience. Its unique tread pattern with deeper grooves and larger tread blocks, helps to enhance its dispersion rate, further ensuring stability at high speeds.

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