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Continental Tyres

Continental tyres are a premium tyre brand which has recently won the tyre technology award for its unique C.A.R.E concept. Continental tyres Northampton have received huge global praise for its mastered engineering and innovative technique to tyre design.

Autoplus Northampton Ltd retails a wide variety of Continental tyres, offering drivers a comfortable and safe ride. We stock a huge range of Continental tyres, suitable for all surfaces, seasons and various vehicles. Visit us online or in store to view our range and stop searching for tyres near me.

A selection of tyres available are:

All season tyres

All season tyres are most effective in moderate climatic conditions. They are ideal for temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius, offering improvised traction all year round. Our stock of all season tyres includes:

  • AllSeasonContact
  • ContiContact TS815
  • VancoFourSeason
  • VancoFourSeason 2
  • VanContact A/S
  • VanContact Camper
  • VanContact 4Season

Winter tyres

Buy continental tyres Northampton in winter for optimised traction and superb grip performance. Our winter tyres are specifically engineered to provide maximum resistance and controlled aquaplaning in snowy surfaces. These tyres perform best in below 7 degrees Celsius. The following are a few examples of winter tyres we can offer:

  • WinterContact TS860S
  • WinterContact TS860
  • ContiWinterContact TS830P
  • ContiWinterContact TS850
  • ContiWinterContact TS850P

Summer tyres

Summer tyres offer superb cornering control and handling throughout the warm summer months. These tyres consist of a hard rubber compound ensuring optimum performance in summer.

A selection of available Continental tyres we can offer are:

  • EcoContact TM 6Q
  • PremiumContact TM6
  • SportContact TM6
  • EcoContact TM6
  • ContiSportContact TM 5
  • ContiPremiumContact TM 5
  • ContiForceContact TM
  • ContiContact TM Hybrid cars
  • ContiContact TM Electric cars

We have a wide range of tyres, including those mentioned above, for an easy driving experience and comfortable ride.

Still haven’t decided which are the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle? Visit us in store or call us on 01604 281191 for help and advice.

Alternatively book an online fitting appointment directly from our website.

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