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As per the 2012 EU Tyre Labelling Regulation, all tyre manufacturers and tyre distributors need to display a consumer information level on C1 (car), C2 (van), C3 (lorry and bus) tyres. The current tyre label contains three pictures informing car owners on three key aspects, namely fuel efficiency, wet grip, and external noise.


Are you wondering why this particular information is required?

Tyre labelling explained


If you are planning to buy car tyres Northampton from Autoplus Northampton Ltd, understanding the pictures and ratings will help you to make an informed decision.

Fuel economy

The fuel efficiency is rated from A (best) to G (worst) using a coloured scale with a black arrow and a large white letter.


The difference between the best and worst rated tyres can be up to 7.5%.


Since tyres are responsible for 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption, car owners should choose wisely.


Note: category D is not used.

Wet grip

Similar to fuel economy, wet grip is rated from A (shortest braking distance in the wet) to G (longest braking distance in the wet). The rating points to stopping distance in rainy seasons.


One letter differs from another by 2.5 meters while braking from 50 mph.

Note: Categories D and G are not used.

External noise


This refers to the external noise emitted from the tyre and is measured in dB (decibels). It is rated with three sound wave bars on the diagram coloured in black. The higher the wave bars, the more noise the tyre makes while driving.

There are only a few tyres on which this label does not apply. These include,

  • Racing tyres
  • Re-treaded units
  • Vintage car units
  • T-type units, temporary spare units
  • Tyres manufactured before 1990

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