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Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is a tyre manufacturer established in 1931. It has business operations in over 100 countries and production facilities in more than 50 countries. Bridgestone uses state-of-the-art technology in its production process and delivers its customers with premium tyres, each with superb handling and stability.

If you are in search of Bridgestone tyres Northampton, Autoplus Northampton Ltd is a one-stop-shop for Bridgestone tyres. Our facility stocks different tyres of Bridgestone tyres to support the various needs of our clients.

Our range of Bridgestone car tyres includes the following types:


Summer tyres from Bridgestone have a unique rubber compound and unique tread patterns that offer unparalleled driving comfort. These tyres also have high grip shoulder blocks and an off-centre straight rib, which give these tyres enhanced traction and steering response.

High Angle Lug Grooves further reduces braking distance and rapid water evacuation for the best-in-class resistance to aquaplaning.

Popular summer Bridgestone tyres Northampton are:

  • TURANZA T005
  • POTENZA RE 040


Bridgestone uses an in-house developed trademark multicell compound in its studless winter tyres that help the car handle the UK's wintry roads without a fuss. High sipe density and deep tread patterns help these tyres deliver unmatched stability and control in slush and sleet. These not only drastically reduce hydroplaning risks, but simultaneously offer a quiet and comfortable driving experience even in demanding conditions.

Preferred winter car tyres Northamton from the house of Bridgestone are:



If you are looking for all season tyres near me, Bridgestone is undoubtedly an option you must consider. All season tyress have advanced silica compound, which extends the tyres' service life after prolonged use throughout the year. These also have superior traction abilities, with outstanding reliability in wet and dry conditions.

These tyres eliminate the need to change or install new tyres every season, therefore delivering improved economy.

Ecopia EP422 is a premium all season tyre from Bridgestone and a preference among customers looking for dependable all-year round tyres.

In case you are having any difficulty determining which Bridgestone tyres you would best suited to, our team of experts are ready to help. They can recommend to you the perfect tyre, based on your driving needs and your priorities.

Other popular Bridgestone units are:

Run flats:

Run flats are an ideal solution for people looking for assurance against punctures and blowouts. Run flats from Bridgestone do not lose control and stability after blowouts and lets you drive on them for 50 kms at 50 mph. Bridegstone POTENZA RE 050 are a premium run flat offering the best in reliability and performance.


SUV or 4x4 units are useful for people who habitually go off-road to enjoy the occasional thrill. With deep grooves, these tyres are ideal for driving through any terrain with supreme control and stability.

Some of the popular 4x4 car tyres Northampton are:

  • Dueller H/T 687
  • Dueller A/T 001


These units are manufactured, keeping in mind high-octane performance cars requiring premium tyres to maintain stability and enhanced response at high speeds. Bridgestone Potenza – S04 Pole Position is a popular performance tyre.

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