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Choosing the correct set of tyres for your car can be tricky. Apart from the correct size, you also must consider a few more things, such as the vehicle make and model, the season you need the tyres for, and of course, your budget.

At Autoplus Northampton Ltd, we are happy to advise you when buying the best tyres to suit your needs. We stock an extensive collection of car tyres Northampton, suitable for all vehicles irrespective of road requirements, seasonal requirements and budget.

Take a look at the various new car tyres Northampton that we offer.

Summer tyres

Made using a hard rubber compound, summer tyres offer superior grip and handling on both wet and dry surfaces. These tyres have a low rolling resistance and can provide enhanced fuel efficiency and generate less noise while rolling. The smaller number of tread grooves help to disperse water when driving in the rain, maximising road contact, and preventing aquaplaning.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres provide superior grip on icy, and snow covered-road surfaces. Manufactured with a soft high percentage of natural rubber compound, winter tyres remain supple and flexible, even when temperatures drop below 7° C. Winter tyres have deeper tread blocks that “bite” into the snow, ensuring additional grip.


All-season tyres

Combining both the features of summer and winter tyres, All-seasons can deliver improved year-round performance. These tyres are particularly notable for their durability, and for saving car owners from changing tyres twice a year. Please note that these tyres can perform well in moderate conditions, but not in extreme weather conditions.


Performance tyres

Performance tyres are engineered to provide a quick response, and increased grip at high speeds for sports cars and high-performance vehicles. These tyres are manufactured with premium quality materials that guarantee nothing but optimal performance, superior safety and riding comfort.


4x4 tyres

Designed for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and 4-wheel drive vehicles, different 4X4 tyres are available for on- and off-road driving. These tyres feature larger tread blocks and deeper tyre grooves and can deliver enhanced traction on mud, snow, grass etc. without blocking the tread area.


Run-flat tyres

These tyres are manufactured with a rigid sidewall that can hold the weight of the vehicle even when there is no air pressure in the tyre. Run-flat tyres are engineered to move up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Tyre brands we sell

Whilst browsing through our products, you can find a wide variety of tyres at competitive prices. We offer all premium, mid-range and budget tyre brands. If you are looking to buy car tyres Northampton, you can choose from the following tyre manufacturing companies.

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Churchill
  • Avon
  • Continental
  • RoadX
  • Pirelli, and many others.

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