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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Steering response depends on the accuracy of weight distribution of your car tyres.

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How to identify imbalanced wheels?

Inaccurately balanced car wheels can cause both long term and short-term issues, which can have a negative impact on the safety of the driver, passengers and the condition of your car.

Some tell-tale symptoms of imbalanced wheels include:

Uneven tyre tear: Imbalanced wheels cause uneven weight distribution on the wheels of your vehicle, which results in quicker and uneven wear. It compromises the handling and cornering stability.

Decreased driving comfort: If your steering wheel is vibrating unusually, and you are not receiving enough response, chances are one or more wheels of your car are not accurately balanced. This greatly diminishes the driving experience and control over your vehicle's motion.

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What can cause an imbalance in your car wheels?

      • Uneven road conditions: Poor road conditions can have negative effects on wheel balance, thereby resulting in poor performance.
      • Inadequate tyre pressure: Improper tyre pressure is one of the key reasons for wheel imbalance. Therefore, checking tyre pressure is always necessary to avoid such an event.
      • Minor accidents: Hitting a curb or driving over speed bumpers or potholes with a higher speed can easily cause wheel balance issues.

Why is wheel balancing necessary?

Maintaining wheel balance as per manufacturer recommendations is of paramount importance to receive optimal performance from your vehicle. The necessities for accurately balanced wheels are:

  • Smooth control at high speeds and uneven tarmac
  • Helps to keep suspension and chassis of your vehicle remain in top-notch condition
  • Ensures a vibration-free, comfortable driving experience.

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