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Firestone Tyres

Established in 1900 in Ohio by Harvey Firestone, Firestone tyres are exceptionally well-known for their top-notch quality. With more than 100 years of experience in the tyre industry and a long association of racetrack, Firestone are the perfect choice if you require a branded tyre with an outstanding reputation.

Firestone tyres are the first brand to have signed an exclusive contract with Ford as O.E on all Ford vehicles.

Initially, all Firestone racetrack tyres were the same as that fitted on standard passenger cars. This highlights the quality assurance, safety and performance of the tyres at high speeds on regular road surfaces.

Falling under medium price range, Firestone manufactures tyres not only for the racetrack, but also for road vehicles including SUVs and Vans. Firestone also offer a range of tyres for varied weather conditions.

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Top Firestone tyres Northampton

Summer tyres

Multihawk 2: Designed for passenger cars, Multihawk 2 is a summer tyre. Manufactured with dedicated rubber compound and a unique tread pattern, Multihawk 2 offers increased traction and reliable braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. The advanced rubber compound of these tyres deliver a smooth, noiseless driving experience. Multihawk 2 tyres effectively resist aquaplaning, ensuring safety whilst driving.

Other bestselling summer variants include

  • TZ300

Winter tyres

Winterhawk 3: Firestone have modified this generation of winter tyres with fewer wear characteristics, ensuring increased tyre life. The natural rubber compound of these tyres helps Winterhawk 3 to remain flexible in a harsh winter environment. The presence of thousands of sipes on the tyre’s exterior enables this range to deliver effective snow grip and offer greater manoeuvrability on snowy paths.

All-season tyres

Multiseason 2: Firestone has upgraded this range, and these tyres now deliver an improved year-round performance compared to its previous model. The intermediate tread compound and moderate tread depth of Multiseason 2 ensure better braking and superior performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

Other bestselling all-season variants include,

  • Multiseason

Performance tyres

Firehawk Indy 500: It is an ultimate example of ultra-high-performance tyre, ideal for summer usage. With Pulse Groove ™ technology, Firehawk Indy -500 can efficiently disperse water from tyres’ paths ensuring increased wet grip. The enhanced tread compound and tread design deliver 20% shorter braking distance on wet roads, wide shoulder blocks help to provide improved handling and cornering on dry surfaces.

Other bestselling performance variants include

  • Firehawk AS

4X4 tyres

Destination A/T: Destination A/T is An SUV and 4x4 tyre that can efficiently adapt to all-terrains. Firestone has specifically designed Destination A/T with premium and thick rubber materials that make these tyres durable, and guarantees enhanced traction, handling and comfort in wet, dry as well as light snowy surfaces.

Other bestselling 4x4 variants include,

  • Destination HP

Run-flat tyres

Firehawk SZ90 RFT: Firehawk SZ90 is a run-flat tyre that is manufactured with a reinforced sidewall that can temporarily support the vehicle should sudden air loss or puncture occur. Due to its outstanding driving performance and steering response as well as cornering precision, theses tyres come under the ‘light sport’ category. More importantly, these run-flat tyres can travel up to 50 miles at 50 mph even when there is less air pressure in tyres.

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