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Are you looking for OE tyre fitment for your vehicle?

At Autoplus Northampton, we offer you cost-effective OE tyre fitment Northampton with superior quality tyres and advanced fitting tools. Therefore, if you are looking forward to replacing your vehicle's old car tyres with new OE-grade products, come down to our workshop without giving it any second thought.

Wondering why?

We are one of the most reputed car tyre retailers and tyre fitters since 2012. We supply and fit OE tyres for models of diverse vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen and more. We boast a massive inventory and take pride in our meticulously trained experts who follow the most advanced tyre fitment process to replace your vehicle’s tyres with utmost safety and accuracy.

Here is a quick overview of our tyre fitment procedure

OE tyre fitment Northampton is an extremely intricate process and requires a substantial amount of precision and technical understanding. At our workshop, we follow a detailed tyre replacement procedure as explained below:

We will first park your car safely and engage its hand brake to ensure it remains in a stable position.

After this, we will loosen the wheel nut using a superior quality wrench.

Next, we will raise your car with an advanced hydraulic lift and ensure its wheels are completely off the ground.

We will then un-mount the wheel and tyre assembly from the car and remove the valve insert to deflate the tyre completely.

After this, we will use a tyre spreader to remove the tyre from the wheel. We take great care during this process to prevent damages to the wheel.

If you use tube tyres, we will next replace the old tube with a new one. On the contrary, if you use tubeless tyre models, we will provide new valves.

Next, we will coat the tyre beads and rim with the manufacturer-recommended lubricant. After this, we will mount the new tyre onto the wheel carefully using the same tyre spreader.

Following this, we will inflate the tyre adequately. For this, we will duly refer to the owner's manual provided by the manufacturer or tyre placard to understand the optimal inflation level required for your respective vehicle.

Finally, we will fit the tyre back to the car and tighten the lug nuts to ensure the wheel and tyre assembly is secured completely.

Furthermore, we also offer a wheel balancing check at our workshop after OE tyre fitment Northampton for utmost safety.

Therefore, hurry!

Look no further for OE tyre fitment near me and come down to our workshop. We are equipped with all necessary advanced tools, like:

    • Lug wrench
    • Scissor jack
    • Drill machines
    • Wheel wedge, etc., to carry out efficient tyre replacement.

Our tyre inventory (premium, mid-range and budget)

    • Bridgestone
    • Continental
    • Goodyear
    • Firestone
    • Churchill
    • RoadX, etc.

To learn more or schedule your appointment with us, dial 01604 281 191.

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