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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Are you noticing uneven tread wear?

It is probably time to visit Autoplus Northampton Limited to check your wheel alignment Northampton.

An alignment check is essential, as incorrectly aligned wheels can cause a lot of issues. The following problems are also the evident signs of misalignment, so look for them and immediately come to us.

Signs of misaligned wheels

  • Crooked steering wheel, even when the vehicle is at rest or driving straight.
  • Squealing or squeaking tyres.
  • Intensely vibrating steering wheels.
  • Uneven and accelerated tread wear.
  • A pull towards one side, when driving straight.

We recommend that you use wheel balancing and alignment services every time you change your car tyres. As tyre fitment alters these two things significantly and can reduce your vehicle's fuel economy drastically.

What is wheel alignment?

It is the orientation of your car wheels with respect to your vehicle's three axes. If your vehicle wheels are accurately adjusted, it can improve its handling performance, tyre tread life and steering precision.

There are three primary angles that a garage for wheel alignment Northampton will adjust to ensure a comfortable driving experience.

Toe – The angle that a vehicle wheel's horizontal axis makes with the car's horizontal axis. It can be observed from the top of a vehicle, and its degree is positive if the front half of your car tyres is facing inwards. If it is facing outwards, then it is a negative toe.

Camber – A camber angle is observed from the front of a vehicle. It is the angle between the vertical axes of your car wheels and the car. Positive camber is when the upper part of your vehicle tyres are inwards, and it is negative when they are outwards.

Caster – To identify your vehicle wheel's caster angle, you have to draw a line joining the upper and lower pivot point of your its steering axis. If the upper half of this line is leaning forward, it is a positive caster, and it is negative if it is leaning backwards.

It requires years of experience and high-quality equipment to adjust a vehicle's wheels with utmost precision. So, stop searching "wheel alignment near me" as you will find both at our garage.

Wondering why us?

We use the finest equipment available on the market to adjust your car wheels. To ensure top-notch precision, we use vehicle-specific aligning equipment to align the wheels of different vehicles.

We provide our wheel alignment Northampton through the following steps:

  • Our experts at first examine the condition of your vehicle's wheels.
  • Then they will ask you about your driving preferences and run your car model to understand its optimum alignment angles.
  • After that, they would adjust the wheels based on the information they gathered.
  • Lastly, our technicians will do a final run-through to make sure everything is perfect and hand your car to you.

So, do not just settle for a standard wheel aligning service, use the best at Autoplus Northampton Ltd.

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