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Are you looking for Locking Wheel Nut Removal for your vehicle?

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Have you damaged or misplaced your vehicle's locking wheel nut?

Well, fret not and come down to Autoplus Northampton Limited.

We are one of the most trusted garages for locking wheel nut removal Northampton services. We have a team of a trained professionals who possess all the know-how to remove and replace the damaged wheel locking nut using cutting-edge devices for any vehicle. Furthermore, we also stock genuine and manufacturer recommended wheel-locking nuts of various make and models that can easily meet our customers' diverse requirements.

Why you need professional assistance to remove the wheel locking nut?

There are several DIY friendly videos of wheel lock nut removal Northampton available on the internet. However, we recommend you avoid following those and visit a professional garage for assistance.

Wheel lock nut removal is an extremely intricate process that requires professional understanding and proper equipment to get accurate results. If not, it can lead to several problems like:

  • Severe damage to the wheels due to the use of in-efficient techniques.
  • If the lug nuts are removed with improper methods like drilling or cutting, it can be disfigured beyond recovery.
  • Due to a lack of professional skills, the hub of your wheels can also sustain damage.
  • Often car-owners misplace the wheel locking nut key. In that case, it requires heavy force and professional tactics to remove the damaged locking nuts. This is not feasible at home, and in doing so, you can end up causing more damage to the wheels, tyre and other sub-parts as well.

Therefore, it is always safe to visit a professional wheel locking-nut removal garage Northampton.

How can we help?

A wheel locking nut can get damaged due to numerous reasons like:

  • Accumulation of dirt and sand often lead to jammed locking nuts.
  • Failed attempts in removing the locking nuts can cause severe deformation.
  • Corrosive substance from roads leads to rust and erosion in the wheel locking nut.

At Autoplus Northampton Ltd, we first inspect the nature of the damage that your vehicle’s wheel locking nuts have sustained and decide the course of action accordingly.

We use advanced equipment and ingenious professional techniques to remove the damaged or jammed wheel locking nut without applying much pressure on your vehicle's rim.

Furthermore, we never use an air gun or impact gun to tighten or remove the wheel locking nuts as this can cause a severe impact on the wheels. Instead, we use a unique set of wrenches to remove the old nuts, then fix and tighten the new ones by hand. We also torque the nuts according to the manufacturer recommended guideline for enhanced safety.

Therefore, end your search for locking wheel nut removal near me and come down to us.

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