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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Both excessive and insufficient tyre pressure can cause numerous issues and affect your driving experience. It can drastically affect your vehicle’s handling, performance and threaten your safety whilst driving.

Autoplus Northampton Limited offers a free tyre pressure check Northampton, anytime you visit our facility.

Problems caused due to incorrect tyre pressure

The issues differ when tyres are over-inflated and under-inflated.

Over-inflated tyre issues

  • Your vehicle’s braking efficiency decreases.
  • Area of contact with the road is significantly less.
  • Handling performance is significantly compromised.
  • Uneven and fast tread wear. Here the centre of your car tyres wears quicker than their edges.
  • Bumpier rides as the unit cannot ‘soak up’ the impact.

Under-inflated unit issues

  • The tyre edges wear out quicker than the centre.
  • Decreased fuel economy as the engine needs to work harder because of excessive rolling resistance.
  • Increased rolling resistance.
  • This too negatively affects your vehicle’s braking performance.

Most manufacturers recommend car owners to opt for a tyre pressure check twice a month.

Why come to us?

You can certainly check the tyre pressure at home if you have a gauge. A professional tyre pressure check is a lot more accurate though.

At Autoplus Northampton Ltd our technicians take the following steps to check your vehicle’s tyre pressure.

  • They will first check your car’s recommended tyre pressure set by the vehicle manufacturer by looking at the tyre placard (most commonly found in the driver’s door frame).
  • Our professionals will then remove the air valve cap and carefully insert the tyre pressure gauge to take the readings.
  • If the reading is low, they will attach an air hose and inflate the tyres to its recommended air pressure. Whereas, in case of a high reading, our experts will release some air reducing it to its ideal value.

Nowadays, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is installed in every vehicle by the manufacturer. While this is an improvement, the TPMS can also get damaged over time, and it is better to opt for a tyre pressure check regularly.

Bring your vehicle to our service station and we will check your tyres within minutes.

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