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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


Upon carrying out a survey, it was discovered that over 24% of accidents occur due to drastic weather conditions. That is why with the approach of winter, vehicles must be in optimum working condition. This enables you to avoid mishaps, accidents or breakdowns in the cold weather.

It is important to opt for routine winter checks to ensure the performance and stability of your vehicle.

We suggest you head over to Autoplus Northampton Limited and opt for a routine car winter check Northampton. Our technicians will test and suggest a replacement, refill or repair if necessary.

Why are car winter check Northampton necessary?

Winter car services Northampton ensure that all components of your vehicle are in optimum working condition. These tests detect issues with your vehicle apparent before they create a mishap.

Here are some of the vehicle services Northampton that technicians conduct during winter checks.

  • Tyre checks: Technicians check for adequate tyre pressure to avoid risks while driving. Issues with tyres pressure can lead to accidents and even blowouts.
  • Windscreen wipers: As temperature decreases, the wiper fluid and components tend to harden. So as fall sets in, change the wiper fluids, if necessary.
  • Oil change: In winter, your vehicle requires oil with certain viscosity so that it doesn’t harden. That is why, we check the oil levels before the onset of winter.
  • Battery check: We also offer a free battery check. Technicians check if the battery is in optimum condition or needs to be replaced.
  • Antifreeze: Technicians check the water and antifreeze composition present in your vehicle.

How do we carry out Winter checks?

Conducting a series of tests helps our technicians detect if there are any issues with your vehicle. In case of any need of repair, refill or replacement our technicians will provide you with options before opting to do so. Therefore, for a thorough car winter check Northampton, head over to our garage today.

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