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With state of the art technology and products at a competitive price, the Chinese tyre manufacturer and exporter-Rotalla have made a considerable position in the budget tyre market. These tyres are a perfect choice for car owners looking for top-grade performance at affordable prices.

Rotalla produces tyres for almost all vehicle types, including cars, vans, SUVs, lorries and are available in a variety of sizes. The units from Rotalla come with a ‘Lifetime Guarantee’, further ensuring peace of mind at no extra cost.

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Take a look at some of the best-selling Rotalla car tyres Northampton available at our garage.

Summer tyres

  • RU01: Rotalla RU01 is a summer tyre. Its solid rib design helps this tyre to deliver superior performance and enhanced cornering grip. It also helps to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and increase driving safety. The advanced tread pattern of these tyres reduces the noise level, further guaranteeing a comfortable driving experience.

Winter tyres

  • S120: This winter variant from Rotalla is skid-proof, ensuring a high level of safety, comfortability. The advanced tread compound enables it to adapt to extreme winter weather condition. Featuring thin multi-kerfs and deeper grooves, S120 offers maximum snow performance during winter.

All-season tyres

  • Setula 4 Seasons 4A03: Manufactured with an all-season rubber compound, Setula 4 Seasons 4A03 delivers increased traction on all roads. Featuring multiple sipes on tread pattern, this variant offers improved handling and traction on mild snowy, wet and dry surfaces.

Performance tyres

  • RH02: Manufactured with four wide asymmetric channels, RH02 is a high-performance unit that offers a strong grip in wet weathers. Its solid rib allows this unit to have a stable performance while driving at high speeds.

4X4 Tyres

  • AT01: This 4x4 variant from Rotalla has enhanced load-bearing capacity, increased puncture resistance and a deeper tread pattern that reduces stone retention while driving on rough terrain.

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