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Jinyu Tyre Group Ltd entered the automobile industry in 1995 as a radial tyre developer and manufacturer. With a strong focus on manufacturing quality products at affordable prices, Jinyu has successfully made its way into the European market. Jinyu exerts a robust global presence and ship nearly 11 million tyres per year around the globe.


Jinyu produces tyres for both passenger and commercial vehicles and is available in various weather applications. The brand strictly adheres to the UK and EU guidelines and focuses primarily on producing eco-friendly tyres with low rolling resistance and high fuel efficiency.

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Popular Jinyu car tyres Northampton


Summer tyres

YH12: Ideal for compact and smaller passenger cars, the dedicated rubber compound of the YH12 delivers optimal grip and handling on both wet and dry surfaces.


Winter tyres

JW51: Is the perfect choice for customers looking for a reliable winter tyre at a budget-friendly price. Its optimised natural rubber compound does not harden when the temperature drops below 7 °C.


All-season tyres

YH11: Manufactured with an all-weather compound, Jinyu YH11 offers improved year-round performance.


4x4 tyres

YS71: Jinyu YS71 is a perfect example of an SUV tyre that primarily focuses on durability and traction in diverse road conditions. Its larger tread blocks and deeper tyre groves optimally dig into mud, snow and grass without filling up the tread area.


Performance tyres

YU61: The low, short side profile of Jinyu YU61 enhances cornering capabilities. This tyre is notable for its improved wet and dry traction due to the large tread blocks.

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